Saturday, October 5, 2013

PES 2014 Stats System Detailed

Dependent on the new PES 2014 stats video of the Manchester United starting up 11, we can see which new stats had been additional for PES 2014, which stats ended up taken out since PES 2013.

Stats General and Overview

The overall is held, even though the renowned hexagon recognized from the older PES games has returned to let a swift view of a player's skills. A new overall page was added, consisting of 18 characteristics for outfield gamers and thirteen for goalkeepers. We assume people values cannot be edited immediately, but are alternatively calculated from the authentic stats, which we will depth further down. (assumption dependent on the distinct font they are employing, same a single utilised for the overall)

Outfield gamers Goalkeepers
Scoring Instinct Physical Power
Header Covering
Ball Retention Energy in the Air
Elusiveness Long-ball Precision
Dribble velocity Velocity & Agility
Closing Ball Marauding
Vision Managing Substantial Balls
Penetration 1-on-one
Work Price Outfield
Intercepting Consistency
Actual physical Strength Free of charge Kick
Covering Corner Kick
Energy in the Air Penalties
Lengthy-ball Accuracy
Velocity & Agility
Cost-free Kick
Corner Kick

1-99 stats

These are the editable classical one-99 stats. Most of them are unchanged for PES 2014, while a few new have been additional and some have been eliminated because PES 2013.

PES 2014 Stat PES 2013 equal
Attacking Prowess new
Ball Manage Ball Control
Dribbling Dribble Accuracy
Lower Move Short Move Accuracy
Lofted Pass Long Move Accuracy
Finishing Shot Accuracy
Location Kicking Spot Kicking
Managed Spin Curving
Header Header Precision
Defensive Prowess new
Ball Successful new
Kicking Power Kicking Energy
Speed Pace
Explosive Electrical power Explosive Electrical power
Body Harmony Entire body Stability
Bounce Soar
Goalkeeping Goalkeeping Abilities
Saving new
Tenacity Tenacity
Endurance Stamina
Kind Form
Harm Resistance Damage Resistance
Weak foot use Weak foot use
Weak foot acc. Weak foot acc.

Added & removed stats

The adhering to talbe displays extra as nicely as eliminated stats. Remember to observe that Attack/Attacking Prowess and Defence/Defensive Prowess are utilizing comparable values in PES 2013/PES 2014, indicating they have comparable uses.

The removal of passing pace stats, response, dribble speed and teamwork appears shocking, but we will have to see how it performs out in the sport afterwards.

New stats Removed stats
Attacking Prowess Assault
Defensive Prowess Defence
Ball Successful Short Pass Pace
Conserving Long Pass Pace


Dribble Speed


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